Retired Programs

All FLITE-funded programs are evaluated annually before a determination is made whether to renew the program for the following year. Programs are evaluated for their attainment of project goals and cost-effectiveness. The following is a list of programs that were once offered by FLITE but have since been retired.

BUCKS Program (Better Understanding of Cash for Kids)

Some CHS students are lacking general financial knowledge needed to make good decisions related to money. With the help of TD Bank, a program of six sessions is designed that simulates day to day living and budgeting. FLITE is supporting the transportation of the students for these sessions. (First approved: Fall 2008)

Graphing Calculators

FLITE made graphing calculators available so that all students may fully participate in the T/E District math and science course offerings. (First approved: Summer 2008)

Innovation in the Classroom

Innovation in the Classroom program provided grants to Conestoga High School teachers for materials or programs that enhance student learning opportunities through creative and innovative methodologies. (First approved: Spring 2012)

Leap into Learning

FLITE purchased LeapFrog Scribble & Write and LeapFrog Tag Junior for use by identified Kindergarten students who need reinforcement of beginner reading skills at school and at home. (First approved: Winter 2012) 

Library Summer Reading Books

FLITE provided Easttown Library over 150 extra copies of the various T/E District required summer reading books, greatly increasing student access to summer reading books. (First approved: Spring 2008)

Multicultural Educational Event

With funds from FLITE, English Language Learners (ELL), international students and Life Skills Support students attended a Broadway play a related classroom workshop. (First approved: Summer 2006)

Paoli Library Summer Safari

The Paoli Library runs a summer reading enrichment program that provides hands-on learning incentives to keep children reading throughout the summer. FLITE is providing the cost for one of the summer program field trips to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. (First approved: Spring 2008)

Parent Engagement Component in the Elementary After School Club

Supplements and enhances the T/E Elementary After School Club by proving parents an opportunity to learn strategies for helping their students use the skills they learn in school. (First approved: Fall 2008)

Reading Adventure Packs

For pre-kindergarteners who attend T/E School District’s summer reading program, FLITE supplied additional packs of books and associated activities for the students to enhance their reading opportunities at home. (First approved: Winter 2012)

SAT Preparation Software

Provided an on-line SAT prep course to all CHS students through Naviance log-in. Allows all students to access a test preparation course for SAT tests. (First approved: Spring 2009)

SAT Preparation Support

FLITE funded the cover of the cost of the SAT Prep Class elective at Conestoga High School for students who otherwise would not have access. (First approved: Winter 2012)

Summer Reading Books

Required summer reading books were provided by FLITE to students who do not have their own copy. (First approved: Spring 2008)

T/E-FLITE Bookmark Contest

FLITE sponsored an annual bookmark contest for all T/E students to increase the awareness of FLITE in the school community and to promote the value of the arts in the lives of all students. All participants were asked to depict the FLITE fundraising theme, Help FLITE Help Kids. (First approved: Fall 2007)